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New Year in Vung Ang Economic Zone tại Hà Tĩnh Nghệ An Thủy hải sản Tôm Cá Mực cua ghẹ
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New Year in Vung Ang Economic Zone
 Tin đăng ngày:18/10/2011

The New Year days Xuan Tan Mao, we were at Vung Ang Economic Zone, one of the largest of the North Central region to record air spring production of the enterprises are investing in this

This spring, more good news to the Vung Ang Economic Zone is a business delegation of Nakhom Phanom province (Thailand) has to "broke ground" to find out the conditions for investment and movement of goods export and import the Vung Ang port.

Spring to early Loc Vung Ang is the Vietnam Maritime Bureau has organized a ceremony to hand terminals No. 1 and No. 2 terminals for the Port in Ha Tinh (under the General Mining Company & Commercial Ha Tinh).

Chairman Vo Kim Cu ceremony beginning with the military
enterprises in Vung Ang

Total length of berths are two terminals with a total capacity of 455.5 m Cargo throughput was 1.32 million tons / year, capable of receiving ships with load of 4.5 to 5 tons. In particular, the terminals of the second (total investment of 532 billion, and put into use in June 2010) is the type of terminals linked to banks with 270m length and capacity of 860 thousand tons / year.

Also in the New Year's Day, Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (National Petroleum Corporation) and the Petroleum Corporation of Vung Ang has held the inauguration of the Vung Ang fuel depot. This work was started in January 12/2007, the total area of ​​8ha. The first phase includes such items as continuous systems 15,000 DWT wharf (total weight), liquefied natural gas import terminals 3,000 DWT, 60,000 m3 of petroleum depots and ancillary items with a total investment of 250 billion the same.

After more than two years of construction, to March 10/2010 works have been completed and put into use. Vung Ang oil depot is strategically located very important, not only act as the fuel supply to the Vung Ang Economic Zone, the North Central Province, but also act as the most favorable fuel supply for your country Laos and the northeastern provinces of Thailand Cau Treo border crossing, Cha Lo. As planned in 2011, PVOil Vung Ang will provide about 300.000m3 assorted petroleum market, the budget of 100 billion.

Located in the first series of activities, to encourage the units and enterprises, on 6 / 2, ie the 4th New Year Mao, Chairman of Ha Tinh Vo Kim Cu were attending the first military production year along with many businesses in the Vung Ang Economic Zone.

At this point, Mr. Chairman congratulated many enterprises as JSC Port in Ha Tinh, Formosa (Taiwan), the Group Xuan Thanh, Processing Enterprise Zircon (the Corporation KS & TM Ha Tinh) is the units were produced in bulk for troops early in the day last spring.

Also on 6 / 2, ships OXL LOTUS (Germany) carrying 2,300 tons of cargo from the Belgian port of Vung Ang, this is the first identification of a new year of Vung Ang port. Shipments include parts and equipment installed on ships smoke pipes sand than 2.000ha leveling ground for the construction investment in Son Duong port and steel plant 15 million tons / year of the Group FOMOSA (Radio Loan).

Same day, officers and employees of Vung Ang Port Joint Stock Company and the relevant units quickly complete procedures for handling the first shipment. Mr. Wang Binh Minh - Director of Ha Tinh Port excited: Company Ha Tinh port assigned to unloading goods at the port of Vung Ang and Xuan Hai.

At both ports, to reduce inconvenience to the businesses, companies actively shorten the administrative procedures, for each owner in the port was completed in the period from 30 to 40 minutes. Customers pay only the declaration of the quantity and types of goods and the time required to release the ship is part of the procedure is complete.

Head of the Management Board of Vung Ang Ho Anh Tuan said that the Vung Ang Economic Zone is growing strong with over 90 large and small projects, with total registered capital of more than 240 trillion. Typically the projects Iron and Steel Complex and Son Duong port of Formosa - Taiwan were identified as key national projects with a total area of ​​3.000ha, total investment in both phases near 15 billion;

Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant Vung Ang 1 and 2 power plants is 1,200 MW each, plus a steel smelter project of Coal - Minerals of Vietnam with Indian TATA Group; smelter project Steel Group's Thach Khe Steel, power four million tons / year. According to Mr Tuan in recent years there have been many business units, "waved" on the right track because that investment in Vung Ang.

Typical Corporation seafood export Nam Ha Tinh. This is one of the first enterprises to invest in the economic zone. Since 2003, the company is constantly evolving, the annual growth rate is 30%, creating nearly 500 jobs for workers with incomes 2.2 million / person. Not only joint stock company export seafood Nam Ha Tinh where almost all enterprises are investing in Vung Ang promote efficiency and bring economic benefits.

Now, "University of the Vung Ang has over 2,500 staff, engineers and workers who work every day. Workers are guaranteed standard of living, benefits and obligations should be very reassuring to devote as a prosperous industrial future for not only home, Ha Tinh.

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