Giới thiệu Công ty Shatico
Giới thiệu Công ty Shatico

   Công ty Cổ phần Xuất nhập khẩu Thủy sản Nam Hà Tĩnh được chuyển đổi từ doanh nghiệp Nhà nước là Công ty XNK Thủy sản Nam Hà Tĩnh thành lập từ năm 1993, chuyên hoạt động trong lĩnh vực chế biến Thủy sản xuất khẩu.

   Qua 27 năm phát triển, với tiêu chí không ngừng nâng cao chất lượng, tập trung phát triển đa dạng hóa sản phẩm nên các sản phẩm mang thương hiệu Shatico đã có mặt ở tại nhiều nước trên thế giới như Nhật Bản, Mỹ, EU, Hàn Quốc, Đài Loan, Trung Quốc... với sản lượng cung cấp hàng năm bình quân khoảng từ 2000 tấn đến 3000 tấn/ năm.

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A long way to building and brand development tại Hà Tĩnh Nghệ An Thủy hải sản Tôm Cá Mực cua ghẹ
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A long way to building and brand development
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When Vietnam joins the WTO, there is also a favorable opportunity for the enterprises specialized in manufacturing exports have expanded market opportunities. Import Export Joint Stock Company Nam Ha Tinh fishery is a unit known to seize opportunities of integration mechanisms to develop, now has become one of the typical unit of provincial exports. The company's brand Shatico increasingly asserted their place in the market, many foreign customers to find.

After more than 17 years of development, joint-stock companies export seafood Nam Ha Tinh by constantly improving the quality of diversified products, the products branded Shatico were present in many countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan ,.... Fish processing plant of the company being invested in an area of ​​3.7 hectares in the Vung Ang Industrial Zone, equipped with machinery of modern technology. With a team of skilled workers are well aware and skilled to be trained. Plus the company is applying a quality management program advanced by HACCP. Thus the company's products made of high quality to meet the increasing demand of foreign customers and domestic customers. Besides processing and exporting seafood company has also focused on investment and development of production and business fields such as import materials and equipment for fishermen; seed production and aquaculture Fisheries Supply and export of labor, the crew members. In the five years between 2005 and 2009 import and export volume of the company more stable product 3,500 tons, turnover reached nearly 225 billion state budget more than 3.5 billion. Especially the average income of workers in 2005 only reached 1 million / person / month, but until now has approximately 2 million / person / month.

With the sustainable development strategy, focus and a reputation for building your brand. The branded products are manufactured by Shatico material selected from a market in the province and neighboring provinces. Fisheries by fishermen and aquaculture, the company selected, purchased for reasonable prices. The company has a fleet equipped with frozen cooler to preserve the transportation process is quick and timely manner to ensure raw material for processing to ensure freshness. Seafood exports are very strict requirements for quality, especially food safety, so in the processing, the Company has adopted quality management according to HACCP and ISO management production team from raw materials close to the output. The products of the factory before being exported to the customs authorities are Vung Ang port to check the quality attached seal and then exported.

To continue to develop efficient production units regularly launch the movement in creative labor, promote technical innovations. Implementation of measures on thrift practice and waste combat in order to reduce the price of products and services, enhance the competitiveness of companies in the market. Typical of this movement is the improvement of the freezer cabinet depth exposure function, has won the contest three technical innovations by the Vietnam Association of Science and Technology awarded, the plant manager engineer Nguyen Manh Tuong. At the same time continuing training company, training staff and workers under the direction of depth.

    Training specifically focused on science and technology, to furnish devices: As chain investment and production technology level Sasami, Susi for exports to difficult markets like Japan. With these results the unit was more reward for industry and third-class Labour Medal awarded by the state.

    When Vietnam joins the WTO, is a professional production of export commodities. Should the company recognizes the role of the registration of intellectual property protection for the later development of the company, also create credibility for the partnership. The company has procedures for granting protection to marks Shatico unit of the company are in the process of application review process. As an export unit typical of the province in many years, in addition to investment Shatico brand development, the company has done well the registration of intellectual property protection of your. /.

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