About us
About us

South Ha Tinh Seaproducts import-export JSC (Shatico DL 45) was established in 1993. We are specialized in processing seaproducts for export. For over the past 15 years, by supplying various kinds of goods quality processed seafoods to meet saticfactory requirements of customers. Shatico have been in many markets such as: JAPAN, USA, CHINA, KOREA, TAIWAN, ...with output over 3000mt per year.

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Shrimp - Products - Thủy hải sản tươi sống xuất khẩu tại Vũng Áng Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh
Shrimp, squid skewer
Shrimp, squid skewer

- Size: 15 Pcs
- Specification: Product shrimp, squid skewer mixture, 0.3 kg / tray x 30/PE/Carton

Whole prawn
Whole prawn - Size: 21-30
- Specification: Level eastern Bock; closed 1.8 Kg / Block / PE x 6/Carton
South HaTinh Seaproduct import - export joint stock Company
Add: Vung Ang industrial zone, Ky Anh dist., Ha Tinh Prv., Viet Nam
Tel: 0393.868.333 - Fax: 0393.868.308 - Hotline: 0913.354189
Email: shaticof.45@gmail.com - Website: http://shatico.vn
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